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Powder Vacuum Loader

Powder Vacuum Loader

Powder vacuum hopper loader is the powder loader which designed for conveying powder, pellet or flake resin.

  • It’s “trend of the time” by using recycled material in the manufacturing process and absolutely necessary. Considering of create much dust after granulating the recycled material, re-manufacturing with dust to cause raw material waste and burned the motor. To increase the operator health problem and environment pollution.

  • The system composes by suction hopper of powder & floor type vacuum loader with patented vortex cyclone and air filter double pieces. It’s great idea to prevent the dust leakage and air pollution under



  1. Before applying the unit to make sure the raw powder is no adhering to stick to the wall while during the conveying the powder.

  2. Contact YANN BANG if the raw material belongs particular powder.

  3. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

  1. Auto Loader TAW series

  2. Suction hopper for powder

  3. Bridge-break device

  4. Vortex Cyclone ×2

  5. Filter Set

  6. Motor reverse protector

  7. Motor overload protector

  8. Material shortage alarm

  9. Safety-type socket

Please add the filter bag If find the working environment with heavy dust.



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No.26, Industry 20th Rd., Taiping District,Taichung City 41154,Taiwan

TEL : 886-4-2271-0000

FAX : 886-4-2271-1988


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